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Redefining Elegance in Interior and Architectural Design

Introducing Yeda Home Decor, a visionary design firm that has been making waves in the world of commercial and residential interior and architectural design. Founded with a passion for creating spaces that blend artistry, functionality, and innovation, Yeda Home Decor has become a leading force in the design industry, leaving an indelible mark on projects across Brazil and the United States.

Driven by a philosophy that places clients' dreams and aspirations at the forefront, Yeda Home Decor prides itself on crafting personalized spaces that reflect individual tastes, needs, and lifestyles. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, the team at Yeda Home Decor consistently delivers awe-inspiring results that elevate living and working spaces to new heights.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse cultures of both Brazil and the United States, Yeda Home Decor infuses every project with a unique blend of cultural influences, striking a perfect balance between the contemporary and the timeless. Their ability to harmoniously blend cutting-edge design elements with classic aesthetics has earned them widespread acclaim and numerous accolades in the design community.

So, whether you're seeking a transformative residential sanctuary or an awe-inspiring commercial space, Yeda Home Decor is undoubtedly the design firm to turn your vision into reality. With them, the possibilities are as boundless as the imagination itself.

Discover the magic of Yeda Home Decor – where artistry and functionality converge to redefine elegance in the world of design
Yeda Soares | Yeda Home Decor

Yeda Soares

Ieda has a passion for design; the Brazilian-born had designed luxurious interiors and turned houses into a beautiful new environment. Working abroad in different cultures, she experimented with varied styles and many types of furniture arrangements. She speaks three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Her skills have expanded with each new challenge of working in various home environments. She loves travelling in her spare time, discovering new places, new people, and different types of food. In addition, she is passionate about working out, running, having a healthy lifestyle and being with her family and friends. For her, interior design means creating a beautiful home that represents the client's lifestyle.

Her drive is always to be creative while maintaining balance and an attractive interior design that connects with the real-life needs of the client.
Alessandra Alfano | Yeda Home Decor


Alessandra Alfano is an architect graduated for over 20 years by the Universidade Federal da Bahia.

She works developing architectural and interior architecture projects that seeks to translate the dreams of her clients. For that she uses her experience and creativity to develop spaces where form and function work in harmony.

For her each project is challenging and stimulating, which gives to her the opportunity to learn with them during the process for a excellent final result.

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