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What color? This is the most coming question coming to our mind when we decided to change colors, right?

Colors have a profound effect on people.  It communicates critical information about the world. It shapes and activates space; it holds psychological and cultural associations.
Using color is the most powerful tool. However, we need to understand.
Color affects people differently. Visual perception isn’t uniform, and some people are unable to see specific colors, and two people can see the same colors differently.

Color schemes coming with a vision. Suppose you want a green dining room. A yellow Living or a blue, but after that. What can you do? How can you choose?
We don’t know how to do the combinations, and for that reason, most people staying with neutral colors.
Think for a moment and considering several approaches. The color wheel.

Monochromatic. Due to the entire room in shades of green, may you choose the light green on the walls and deep green on the trim?
Analogous. Paint a wall of the same light green and choose a trim color from one of green’s adjacent slices on the wheel.
Complementary.   If the green-on-green proves overpowering, add a touch of its complementary color, the one directly to the opposite side of the wheel.
And also, we have Triadic colors—the combination with a primary, secondary color.

Some tips that will encourage you to use colors.
For example:
1-  Go into your closet and choose a piece of cloth the color you like. It could be a scarf, a blouse, anything you want the most, or a pair of shoes, then put this piece in a room you would like to paint, leave for a few days to see how you feel.
2-  Buy a sample of colors you would like to use. I recommend three different hues, paint a small portion on the wall, the preference paint far one to another after a few days you will know which one you like more.

Remember to allow you to try something new if you don’t like it; you can repaint it.
Colors it’s a source of stimulation and pleasure.