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How I work

1 - After I receive your questionnaire and analyse all the information, I will contact you by your preference, e-mail or phone call for a 15 minute call.
2 - To better understand your project, I need some more information about your design needs, I will meet you at your home I'll listen carefully to your desires and needs, take a picture of the room and do measurements. The first meeting is about 1 hour and has a ( flat fee $ 250).
3 - After 2 weeks I will send a proposal with scope of the project.
4 - Once the proposal is signed I will start the design plan.
5 - The design fee will range between $4,000 to 15,000 or above. It will depend on the scope of the project.

Need some advice? Want do the project by yourself?

1 - With a 30 minute phone call, we can discuss your plans (the flat fee is $ 75).
2 - Would you like a floor plan design including research for furniture that you can complete on your own? Contact Us.

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